Our Vision


We provide information and resources on falconry & bird of prey conservation, that is free and easily accessible to everybody.


We publish up to date and relevant articles and news about the daily work of falconers. This helps to give a deeper insight and understanding into the world of falconry.


We share the work of falconry conservationists, rehabilitators, charities and individual falconers - so that all may benefit in learning more about what is being done to support birds of prey in the UK and around the world.

Falconry, the art of hunting with birds of prey has been part of our cultural heritage for 1000s of years. Those who take part in falconry know the far-reaching, positive impact falconry has on birds, people and wildlife conservation across the world.

All falconry birds flown in the UK are captive bred. It is the skills learned by falconers that enable us to successfully rehabilitate wild raptors: with correct handling techniques, excellent vet care, proper diets and falconry based fitness training that allow for successful release.

By directly working with, and free flying, captive birds of prey, we are able to learn much more about their wild counterparts. This includes their general behaviour, hunting abilities, breeding patterns and the environment they live in. Captive breeding programs have helped to re-establish many iconic birds, such as the peregrine falcon, barn owl and red kite.

Falconers have a very good understanding not only of the birds themselves, but of how to support the wider natural environments that raptors need to flourish and survive.

Who Are AFWF?

AFWF is a collective of falconers of all ages and backgrounds - who is striving to share the vital impact falconry has on birds of prey, and the world around us.

We are here to connect you with factual information, learning resources, advice, and personal experiences directly from the falconers themselves.

Join us to learn more about the impact of falconry, as well as the work of falconers and their wider efforts toward education about wild raptors and their conservation.

Our Aims are:

  • To actively promote falconry and its growth in the UK; through the AFWF website, social media channels and in person at public events - in order to educate and engage the general public with information and resources.

  • To publish up to date, relevant articles and news about the work of individual falconers, falconry conservationists, raptor rehabilitators and raptor charities.

  • To provide free resources on falconry & bird of prey conservation that are easily accessible to all, through a variety of channels to support and educate both falconers and general public looking to learn more.

  • To promote best practice welfare and husbandry standards in UK falconry.
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